Pleione Orchid

  • This garden orchid is part of Phytesia’s Easy Garden series and comes packed in a 1 liter container, flowering size plant, 2-3 bulbs.
  • The Pleione ‘Tongariro’ will flourish into a Red-purple flower from May to June up to 20-30 cm.
  • This Half-Hardy (-10°C) orchid will survive the winter if you leave it in a Semi-shade location of your garden.

Pleione Orchid: the Phytesia best seller

The young Pleione Orchid shoots develop in March/April and flower in the spring. After flowering, the plant continues to develop its foliage and to mature its bulbs. Come the autumn, Pleiones go into their winter dormancy, and the leaves yellow, fade and disappear. Over the years, the bulbs divide to form increasingly large masses.


Tolerating only light frost (-10°C), these orchids will not be able to be kept in the garden in regions with harsh winters. We recommend, at least in those regions, to cultivate them in a pot in order to winter them away from strong frost. Be sure however to select a large enough pot (diameter 20cm) in order to avoid impeding the development of the new peripheral bulbs.

These orchids are highly tolerant with regard to their substrate. You can keep them in peat-based substrate.

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