Orchids Accessories

Orchids Accessories category will provide the best products to take care of your hardy orchids. You will find organic plant grow, mist sprayers, repotting kits, and gift packs for your hardy orchids.

Growing orchids requires documentation and accessories

To grow your own garden orchid, you will need a container or pot, roughly 20 cm across the top, filled with soil. Pots that are too small will not allow for the orchids to grow properly, and will not allow for peripheral bulbs to properly develop and grow.

The soil that these orchids prefer must be light enough to drain quickly and not retain too much water. They enjoy soil that is peat-based. Sometimes they like soil that has bark mulch or lava rock mixed throughout. If the soil that you have available is too heavy, simply add mulch or lava rocks. This will break up the mixture so that water will more easily drain from the container.


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